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What do all these places have in common?


The Diamond Jo Casino - Dubuque, IA

The Main Public Library - Orlando, FL

Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not” - Orlando, FL

The Golden Acorn Casino – Campo, CA

The Broadway Theatre – Pitman, NJ

The Largo Cultural Center – Largo, Fl

Plus many more…


They have all had Richard Lustig as a speaker at their venue.


Largo Cultural Center
National Sweepstakes Convention

January 8, 2013

Dear Richard,

I'd like to personally thank you for presenting your informative and educational talk on how to increase your chances of winnning the lottery on Friday January 4, 2013. The Largo Cultural Center rarely presents guest speakers, but I thought your topic was a perfect fit for the interests and demographics of our audience. While watching your presentation, I was amazed with how engaged the audience was and the many questions they had for you. They seemed eager to purchase your book too!

The Largo cultural Center wishes you the best of luck in winning many more Lottery Grand Prizes!


Rob Mondora

Artistic Director

Largo Cultural Center

September 1, 2014

Dear Richard,

I recently held the 25th Annual Sweepstakes Convetion in Orlando, Florida and invited 7 yime Lottery Grand Prize Winner Richard Lustig to be our Guest Speaker.

We found Richard to be quite engergetic, entertaining and informative when it came to playing the Lottery. He speaks common sense on keeping a budget and not going in debt trying to win. He educated everyone on how to play their numbers and tips on winning.

He kept the audience on their toes with comments and questions on how to play the lottery.

If you ar elooking for someone who has a stragey on how to play the lottery Richard is the man to call.



Mark Roland

Convetion Coordinator

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